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Beard the Lion Braves The Future Ahead Minus One

The Anchor Music News team recently paid a visit to Austin heavy metal band, Beard the Lion’s headquarters to talk about some big news they had to share. However, to start the article off we wanted to describe how they sound so that you, our readers, would have an idea of what they’re about and what you have to look forward to. Albeit, we were having difficulties coming up with something,  so Ray Rodriguez, one of the bands guitarist/vocalists spoke up to help describe their sound,

“Say you took a herd of cows and ran them through a trash compactor at dawn; then threw in mercury (which is the heaviest metal), BAM! Beard The Lion!”

All jokes aside, you can expect some pretty sick sounds coming from these musical jesters.  The five-piece rock group does a spectacular job of keeping you on your toes; with guitar and drum synchronization that could pay tribute to Pantera or Dream Theater, and vocals that could be mistaken for Anberlin’s Stephen Christian, or Protest the Hero’s Rody Walker. The band has been hard at work laying down tracks for a five-song demo to give to their fans after upcoming shows.Facedown Records Tour 2014 Anchor Music News Beard the Lion

It just so happens that March 20th marks one of the biggest concerts in the bands history. Beard the Lion will be supporting the Facedown Records 2014 Spring Tour by sharing the stage with War of Ages, Mouth of the South and Saving Grace at the Dirty Dog Bar in Austin ,TX.  Not only is it one of the biggest shows in the bands career but it will also be last show for their bass player, Nathaniel Hilpert.  “Over the past the three years I’ve shared the deepest, darkest, most pressing, crazy things and these guys have got me through what I was going through and encouraged me to press into my relationship with God and continue to be bigger and better at reaching people and to pursue my fiancè.” said Hilpert, “It’s been a very safe place to be exactly who I am where I’m at. It’s not a band with brothers in it but a band of brothers. All these guys love me and I them.” Nathaniel will be walking away from the group after their show at the Dirty Dog to continue pursuing his new career at HeartSupport, a non-profit organization started by August Burns Red’s, Jake Luhr. Beard the Lion will be pressing onward in search for a replacement, “There’s no replacing Nate, however, we will be looking for a new bass player.” said Rodriguez.

Buy tickets for the Facedown Records 2014 Spring Tour in Austin at the Dirty Dog on TicketFly

It is a pivotal moment in the life of these musicians, and as they continue into 2014 they will have to… well, beard the lion. “[Our name] is derived from the phrase ‘Beard the lion in his den’ which means to confront a fear or power on it’s own ground.” explains Ethan Carthel, the bands front man.

“At the start of this, the big picture was to minister through our music. We’ve admired bands like August Burns Red, For Today and Memphis May Fire who wear their faith on their sleeves. It’s on their CD backing, their lyrics, and their live performances,” stated Seth Carthel, Ethan’s brother and Beard the Lions second guitarist/vocalist “God calls us to be ministers of him so I’ve always thought of this as an opportunity to do that.”

“We all have a major passion for this style of music, and our music should reflect who we are and what we believe. It’s easy to be a Christian band because that is what our band is built on; faith and passion for the genre.” said Ethan.

Beard the Lion encourages anyone who is going through struggles of any kind to reach out to them, “We want to know what’s going on in your life,” says Nathaniel Hilpert, “the band is full of listening ears and compassionate hearts. If you want you can talk to us, or if you would rather reach out anonymously, there is HeartSupport.”

“We’re really into investing real time into people both during and AFTER the show.” said Ray

To any bands just getting their start, Beard the Lion encourages you to keep going.  “Just keep with it and stay strong. Don’t try to stress yourselves out.” said Jason Monroe, Beard the Lion’s drummer, “Have fun with it. It’s your passion. Follow your hearts and follow God.”

You can keep up with Beard the Lion and their upcoming show at the Dirty Dog with Facedown Records by looking for them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to look out for an upcoming lyric video that they plan to release soon.

Listen to Craters by Beard the Lion below:

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