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Young the Band Keeps Fans Nostalgic with “Winter in the South” EP

There are few bands take the time to capture a feeling not only in their lyrics but also with their music — to truly invoke targeted and specific emotions through the meticulous composition of both instruments and voicals — Young is one of those bands. With one EP already under their belt, they released a new EP this month called “Winter in the South”. The Anchor Music News team got the pleasure to meet with two of Young’s core members, singers/songwriters Spencer Roth and Riley Pruitt.

“When we did our first EP, we wanted to make a soundtrack for the Summer,” Riley said, “something that easily gets stuck in your head. It’s not super deep, but it’s fun. It was made to provoke a feeling. Winter in the South is the same but it provokes different feelings; its more nostalgic”

“The Summer EP was light-hearted, and something that most people could relate with.” Spencer said, “In the Summer you can have the tendency to ‘forget’ your problems and in the Winter your ‘forced’ to deal with them.”

Winter in the South does exactly as Spencer and Riley are saying. This is the kind of music that you want to listen to when sitting by the fire, or when you want to just sit and meditate or gather inspiration. It is the kind of music heard in movies when the main character is standing in a field, totally at peace, looking into the the sky with their eyes closed and arms out, while it’s raining. The musical style shares a kin to Austin singer/songwriter Aaron Ivey and the Glorious Unseen; with swelling and reverberating guitars, vocal chants, and percussion that makes you feel as if the music itself is driving you through it’s own story line.

“My favorite track is Winter in the South” said Spencer, “I really love the cadence on the drums and Riley’s lead on the guitar.”

“I like all of them in different ways just because they’re all so unique.” said Riley, “I like ‘The Fight’, it’s very U2 sounding. I don’t know if Spencer wanted it to sound like that when he wrote it, but that’s what it became. I love the words and the feel. We spent like two hours just on harmonies.”

So what do you have to look forward to after Winter in the South? Well, the great thing about a band such as Young is that they are all songwriters and they write music constantly; even when they’re not working with Young. You can follow both Riley Pruitt and Spencer Roth for their releases on iTunes.

For more info on Young the Band or their EP, check them out on Facebook or buy “Winter in the South” on iTunes.

Listen to Never See the Day by Young the Band

P.S. Young the Band is also one of the few (very few) bands that have their fans offering to buy the album for other fans…

Young the Band fan offers to buy their album for other fans

Young the Band fan offers to buy their album for other fans

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2 thoughts on “Young the Band Keeps Fans Nostalgic with “Winter in the South” EP

  1. I must say, I wasn’t so sure when thia track started. But it built nicely and has a very nice over all sound. Great track! Thanks


    Posted by Russel Braum | April 22, 2014, 12:37 pm

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