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Saliva Expected to “Rise Up” in the Charts with Juicy New Album

American rock band, Saliva, will release their new album called “Rise Up” out of Rum Bum Records on April 29th. This will be the first album that features their new singer, Bobby Amaru.

Saliva has been making hit songs for as long as anyone can remember, “Click Click Boom“, “Always“, and “Ladies and Gentlemen” to name a few; with the new album, new singer, and new sound, they are rising to the top yet again! (Pun intended) In addition to the same elements that have made them the success that they are today, fans of the established rock band can expect to hear an evolved sound in the new jams. To give you a little taste, Saliva has released a lyric video to the title track “Rise Up” and according to Bobby Amaru they have an official music video that will be premiering very soon! See Saliva’s “Rise Up” lyric video below

Saliva is currently on an extensive tour schedule that will land them in Austin this week for SXSW. Anchor Music got the chance to speak with Bobby before they come down in hopes to get an idea around the new album and the new sound, and to ask him some oddball questions that we just needed to know the answers to:

Anchor: You’ve been with the band since 2013, how has it been?

“It’s been good! Got to play a lot of shows, got to meet a lot of people. Just trying to keep this thing rolling, we have a new record coming out April 29th and we’re excited about it.”

Anchor: What can you tell us about Saliva’s sound going forward?

“It’s evolved, as a band. Obviously, this is my first record with the band, but musically it’s going to sound like Saliva. There’s some new ingredients that the band hasn’t done before but there’s a little bit of everything for everybody.”

Anchor: We’ve listened to Rise Up and we dig it, can you tell us about the rest of the album and what it will be like?

“There’s songs that are in that type of vein, but that’s probably one of the only songs that has a ‘rap rock’ kind of verse. It was kind of the old-school flavor of Saliva. But there’s a lot of other songs on there that are up-tempo rock songs and then there’s a song called ‘A Thousand Eyes’ that’s targeted for Walking Dead and it’s got a really sick riff and it’s heavy and cool. I think that the one that stands out the most is a song called ‘Lost’, it’s a really good ballad rock song. The meaning behind it is the strong focal point; it’s about overcoming and battling addictions. It’s through the eyes of someone that’s been there but at the same time saying “Lost for the last time.” Meaning your’e done with that life, that you feel good to be alive. It’s a good positive theme.”

Anchor: Is that what you see the band moving toward? Trying to connect with people through their struggles.

“We write what comes to us. We wrote about 25 songs and just recorded what was the best. Tomorrow I might write a song about a Karate Monkey, I mean you never know. We aren’t trying to limit ourselves as far as how we will write. With every record you have a balance where you will have some of this and some of that.”

Anchor: You mentioned a Karate Monkey, has the band ever had a mascot?

“Not to my knowledge, but we will get on these little rants. Karate Monkey is something that we have referred to and said we wanted artwork on stuff ‘just because.’ ”

Anchor: You have shows in Texas soon, tell us a little about it.

“We are playing during SXSW [Thursday March 13th]… I’m sure it will be a fun one. Austin is definitely a really cool town, we are excited, it’s going to be high energy. The only thing is, I was told we are playing outdoors near a police station and we can’t go over 80 decibels. I think Wayne’s amp alone is over 80 decibels so it’s going to be interesting to see what comes of that but it should be fun all around.”

Anchor: Are you still going to play “Click, Click, Boom” during the set?

“Oh yeah, I mean that would be like Led Zeppelin not playing “Rock and Roll” or Black Sabbath not playing “Iron Man”. That song blew the band up, there’s a lot of other songs that were hits like “Always” and “Ladies and Gentlemen” and we will play those too.”

Anchor: What are some of your influences?

“We all like some of the same music, the band grew up on Mötley Crüe, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. I am really in to Oasis, I like Stereophonics; Pantera is one of my favorite bands of all time”

Anchor: What was the process of becoming a member of Saliva?

“A mutual friend of ours received a text message from Paul saying they were looking for a singer. Our friend said he had the guy and they listened to some of my stuff and that was it. Paul hit me up in text message and asked if I’d be interested in singing for Saliva. Honestly, I love playing rock and roll, I love being on stage. I am grateful for all of it, to be able to be on tour and see new faces and people returning”

Anchor: You guys have families back home, does that make it hard to be on tour?

“Yeah of course, because you have kids and they’re growing and you do miss things. That can be hard, but this is what we do. You have to keep going though so I try to keep myself busy. We try to Skype and when we can.

Anchor: We hear you have a new music video coming up.

“We just shot a video for Rise Up in Miami last week. We should see the first cut soon. It’s pretty dope, it’s got a really cool script and the actors did an amazing job. The music video has a Mad Max theme. They have the costumes down, they looked awesome. There are motorcycles, really cool classic cars and a lot of fire. We definitely didn’t hold back with making this video. When you realize whats involved in making the video, it’s a lot of work. It was really well thought out. We are releasing it in a week or two, I’m hoping.”

Anchor: Have you ever had any crazy dreams?

“I have some pretty crazy dreams, a lot. One of the last ones I  had that was really weird was: I won a bunch of money, like I won the lottery. But it was weird and too good to be true. So I took all the money and I rented a plane. The pilot was like my best friend but I just met the guy. Long story short, we went down to Mexico and buried all the money because I couldn’t let anyone know about it. I was freaked out that if I let anybody know that I was going to be f***ed.

I have some pretty weird dreams. Like in my dreams, I build shit. It’s really weird, because I’m definitely not a builder. I can’t change a tire, but in my dreams I can do any of that.”

Anchor: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on stage?

“Well, I haven’t fallen on stage (knock on wood). But it’s embarrassing when something happens to your gear. There was a show we played where throughout the entire first song of our set, my mic wasn’t on. I couldn’t tell because I had in-ears, so I could hear myself but it wasn’t coming through the PA.”

Anchor: What’s the craziest thing your fans have done during a show?

“We played at this biker festival in Springfield, Indiana and there were like 10,000 people on this campground and this huge stage. The whole front row was nothing but naked people. They all walked around naked, no cops, they’re free to do whatever they want. It was like Woodstock or something crazy like that. There’s those where you don’t know how to react or what to think but you just go with it and have fun.”

Anchor: If you were a hot dog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

“I just had this conversation about hot dogs. It used to be when I got sick and felt like I was going to throw up, I would think about hot dogs and chili and it would literally make me vomit. So if I was a hot dog, no, I would not eat myself, no way… I would eat the bun around it.”

Anchor: Is there any advice you would give to bands looking to Rise Up as Saliva has?

“My best advice would be to find people that believe in the same thing that you do and surround yourself with positive people and make killer music. Find an investor to send you overseas and go do international stuff. That’s where all of the hype and popularity is. Not dissing on America but it’s the truth. Go look at it, all the tours, and festivals and bands that are over there. Limp Biskit is the biggest band in Russia, their headlining over some of the biggest names, it’s crazy.”

Catch Saliva at one of their upcoming concerts in 2014 and buy their new album “Rise Up” April 29th.

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