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Ivory & Ash to Re-Polish Their Sound with New EP “This is for Nothing, This is for No One”

Since 2009, Ivory & Ash has been in constant development of what one could only describe as brilliant. In fact, one could bet that they are one of the most talented and one of the most underrated indie-rock bands coming out of Lubbock, TX. They will keep their developing trend going with the new EP they have coming out titled, “This is for Nothing, This is for No One”. When you ask? No one knows as of yet, but the Anchor Music team sat down with the talented four-piece after their concert at Jake’s Backroom with Shadow of Whales to talk about the bands history and what we can expect of their future:

AMN: “How did Ivory & Ash come from the ashes?”

DeVon Fields (drummer): “Like a phoenix”

Race Henry (lead singer): “The original incarnation was a three-piece with DeVon, Josh Banks and myself. DeVon originally played bass. I was playing in more or less a different band at the time and DeVon was coming down from Abilene to play guitar in a four piece.

DeVon Fields: “I was practicing music that we were going to play on guitar and I got a call saying that the bass player, Dave, wasn’t going to be in the band anymore. They asked if I’d feel comfortable playing bass. So I went over there and jammed with Race for a little bit.”

Race Henry: “Fuckin’ nailed it mind you. By the way we love Dave it was totally mutual. But that’s what pretty much sparked the band. That was about four years ago.”

AMN: “What’s the purpose behind I&A? Other than the love of music of course”

Race Henry: “As basic as it is, the love of music is certainly where it comes from, and on top of that playing music with three of your best friends….”

DeVon Fields: “It’s a pretty sweet deal”

Race Henry: “For me that is all it takes, that I love music and love making music with my friends. That’s all I need.”

John (guitar): “Ditto”

AMN: “Given that it’s four best friends making music, what are some funny stories coming from that?”

John: “My favorite story was the dude in Tennessee. We pulled up to play Stillwater in Nashville, 14 hours straight there. We got out of the car and the first people we meet were these homeless guys named ‘Jeremy’ and ‘Springwater'”

DeVon: “Springwater Supper Club, frequented by the singer of the Flaming Lips”

Race: “Sorry Stillwater…”

John: “These two homeless guys walk up to us and the guy goes:

“You guys like rock and roll?”

“yeah man”

“You guys like that SOUTHERN rock and roll?”

“sure man, we’re all about it”

“Alright then, my name’s Jeremy and I’m a blue belt, and this is my friend Billy Fuckin Lamply”

DeVon: “It got weird”

John: “Billy was like a human crutch, like Jeremy had a messed up leg so he needed Billy to be able to walk. Without him, Jeremy couldn’t walk. Jeremy went on to tell us that he was an enforcer for Hell’s Angels, and he would tell stories, by starting one story, jumping to the middle of another and ending a different stories like (and I remember this story verbatim because it was amazing):

“I was an enforcer for the Hell’s Angels. They would call me up and be like, ‘Jeremy, this dude’s been talkin, you need to take care of him. My cousin stabbed me in the neck and I was like ‘DUDE! We share a Grandma! And that’s why I quit the Irish Mafia.”

John: “I would like to know the other part to each of those stories… Then he looked me in the eye and said, ‘I can tell your not a bitch! I ain’t talking about your friends over there.’ Then he showed me their secret handshake.”

DeVon: “John became an honorary Hell’s Angel that night”

Race: “Needless to say [Jeremy] is our manager now.”

AMN: “What’s coming up next for Ivory & Ash?”

Race: “We’ve tracked drums for the new EP and we will be releasing it this Summer. We plan on working with some ‘cool people’ to release it. We can’t divulge all of the information but we do have pretty big plans.”

DeVon: “Hopefully”

Race: “Well…. We’ve thought about having big plans… No, as you can tell, we are pretty serious about everything.”

John: “We’re going to release the EP and hit the road this Summer to support it. We have a full length and an EP but the direction we have matured in to a different state. We’re excited to get the new sound out there.”

DeVon: “It’s a better representation of where we are now.”

Race: “The stuff you can listen to on the BandCamp and the stuff we’re recording and playing now is a very different animal. It started as a three-piece but the evolution of the band has taken on a different and more awesome direction because of these two guys. Like I said getting to play with your best friends is really cool.”

AMN: “So what’s the new sound?”

John: “In the beginning it was a straight-forward rock, with a little bit of a twang. I hate to say Southern Rock, because that’s not what it was, but it had a Tele-Twang and it was ‘Happier’ sounding.”

Race: “Yeah, now we’re old and mad”

John: “We wanted it to be more aggressive and loud. The previous songs were more personal experiences and now it’s more of a storytelling, musically and lyrically. We look for themes to carry over from song to song. I think that’s helped us as musicians to push the direction of where we want to go. It’s still got a feel of the old stuff but darker and more technically sound.”

AMN: “Where’d the name Ivory & Ash come from?”

Race: “Dave, during the time the band started, told me ‘When you love something, you run it through the fire; whatever burns up and turns to ash, didn’t matter from the beginning anyways. The precious part of it will come out in the end unscathed.’ Ivory is a precious material. All of us feel that way about music, that’s the Ivory in life to us. Everything that fades away over time, people come and go, etc. Some of those things that weren’t important and ‘burned up and turned to ash’ weren’t something that you need to give your complete focus to in the first place.”

AMN: “Do you have a name for the EP?”

John: “This is for Nothing, This is for No One” It goes back to that main reason we’re doing this, which is because we enjoy it.”

DeVon: “John and Chris lived here in Lubbock, I lived in Abilene, and Race lived in Cisco. We practiced every Sunday with extreme dedication. Encompassing all of that, we’re doing this because we enjoy it and have made a lot of sacrifices for it.”

John: “Whether no one picks up the EP or comes to the show, we’re not going to stop going. Because the reason we’re doing this is because we want to do it.”

AMN: “Name a random fact about one of you”

John: “DeVon can sing most 90’s theme songs (TV Shows)”

DeVon: “But I won’t do it for copyright issues… Obviously”

John: “I’m trying to think about something awesome about Chris…….. He got a new haircut”

Race: “I did that” [referring to the hair cut] “John can brew a mean beer”

John: “I’ve seen Race drink a few mean beers”

AMN: “What kind of beers to you brew?”

John: “Mostly Ale’s”

AMN: “Is there a name for the brew?”

John: “We’ve thought maybe, ‘Ivory & Ale’ or ‘Alevory & Ash'” [jokingly]

AMN: “Anything else you want to mention?”

Race: “Yeah, check out Shadow of Whales because they’re bad ass”

John: “Search it on Yahoo or Bing. Just Bing it”


Keep up with Ivory & Ash on their Facebook or listen to their tunes on BandCamp. Another fun fact we noticed about Ivory & Ash (and hopefully they won’t be offended) is that their lead singer, Race Henry looks an awful lot like Hugh Jackman… Just sayin’

Race Henry / Hugh Jackman

Race Henry / Hugh Jackman

Listen to God Bless Your Bloody Ears by Ivory & Ash

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