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There is Nothing “Ordinary” About Adam Havick’s New EP

Singer/Songwriter Adam Havick released his new EP “Ordinary Man” March 1st and Anchor Music got the pleasure of being handed an opportunity to review it. Additionally, the team sat down with him to talk behind the scenes to get a better picture of what’s behind this not so ordinary musician.

Raising havoc from Los Angeles, California, Adam writes his modern-day melodies with a blend of happy and introspective lyrics and soothing instrumentation, all of which will definitely be stuck in your head later. One could expect to hear half of this EP during the next high school prom for slow dances and the other half in movies. (like Baja Beach Bums?)

Let Me Let You: 

The opening song has a very bluesy feel, with an electric organ, blues guitar chugs and lyrical hooks like “Don’t you let me let you catch me looking back”. The solo brings it all together in this track making it an all together blues dance and sing along song! Among all of the aforementioned, you can really appreciate the vocal range that Adam displays in this track.

Half Hearted Attempt:

Adam Havick being a big fan of Billy Joel, this song makes total sense. The ambient bar-crowd noise in the background makes this track sound a lot like an Irish drinking song, adding gang chant lyrics “CHEERS! To another half-hearted attempt”. The piano, guitar and percussion that build throughout the song really pay tribute to his music mentors.

Ordinary Man: (The Anchor Favorite)

The most country sounding song on the album, this track is most certainly the reason Adam Havick gets confused with being an Alternative Country artist. The chorus is catchy as all get out and the vocal duo between Havick and his girlfriend Tiffany (also the piano player on the album) are just plain beautiful. One might imagine listening to this song will driving down the beach or going on a road trip. (Once again paying tribute to his inspirations). “The opening line of this song was my nod to Chris Smither” says Adam. “The Ordinary Man is something you take away from, it’s not a superstar or prince or larger than life, it’s very much the size of life.”

A Step Away:

“A Step Away” is the point in the EP in which you realize just how out-of-the-box Adam Havick thinks. The beautiful guitar melody accented by slow piano runs, electronic static noises, bass, vocal harmonies and effects, this song is packed. The track is also coming to a high school prom near you, so hold your loved ones close and get ready to dance. Adam states “I’ve put out more traditional albums, but I felt it was missing a modern edge. We will start out with traditional sound and instrumentation and put a bow on top of it to make it sound like it came out this year.”

Buried At Bottom:

Picking up the speed, this track has the most inspirational sound that will make you want to run as fast as your legs can carry you and reach for the stars! The lyrics are just as introspective as the rest of the EP and are accompanied by goosebump raising gang chants toward the end of the tracking belting “Think by now I might have learned”

Do You Miss Me:

The love song of all love songs on the EP, “Do You Miss Me” finishes the album with finesse. This track has more of a folk feel than the rest of the album. Regardless, if should you be in a long-distance relationship or go through a break up, this song was written for you. Adam reminds listeners during this track of his ‘not-so-ordinary’ musicianship with a bass drum and wet snare combo tagged with strings, finger picking guitars, keys, and a slew of instruments that you can’t hear all in the first sitting. The point to take away from this review is that one can not simply listen to this EP only once to get everything Adam Havick is offerring his listeners.

You can look forward to hearing more from Adam Havick in the very near future, “Tiffany and I sit and write all the time, our house looks like a Guitar Center… Now that I feel I have a sound of my own, I want to keep hounding this particular direction; I wouldn’t know how to stop writing if I tried.”

For more on “Ordinary Man” and future updates from Adam Havick follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to “Ordinary Man” by Adam Havick

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