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UGLYTWIN Isn’t As Ugly As You Think

Starting in 2009 under the name The Brigade; Ian Harvey (vocals), Michael Delaney (guitar), and Michael Dolan (drums) have transformed the band into what is now known as UGLYTWIN. Based out of Austin, Texas, UGLYTWIN is a metalcore band that is relentless, and will stop at nothing until they have impacted today’s music industry with a big bang. UGLYTWIN has had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Kubla Khan, and many more. Their first show as UGLYTWIN was July 3, 2012, and since then they have played at SXSW 2012-2014. In 2013, they released their split EP with DSGNS and last weekend they informed AMN at their show at Sessions Hall that they have a full album coming soon! Although the guys aren’t too sure when the exact release date will be, they are hoping for sometime this summer. We got a chance to sit down with UGLYTWIN to ask them some questions about the band and the things fans don’t see backstage:

AMN: “Where did the name UGLYTWIN come from?”

Ian Harvey: “We used to be called The Brigade and we did that for 2 years and one our first songs was called UGLYTWIN and it was a song kind of about when we’re by ourselves it’s kind of an ugly version of ourselves and the song is about acknowledging that and moving on from it”

AMN: “Do you guys have an EP coming out any time soon?”

Michael Delaney: “Funny you should ask!”

Ian Harvey: “Actually we have a full length coming out, we are in the final phases of getting it ready to go.”

Michael Delaney: “We are really excited about our full length coming out, it’s something that is a long time coming, some of the songs we started writing while we were changing over from Brigade to UGLYTWIN, so some of these songs are 2 years old.”

AMN: “Is there a name for the album that you are willing to reveal?”

Ian Harvey: “Yeah, it’s called Oh, The Cost.”

AMN: “And when is that coming out?”

Ian Harvey: “That’s the part that we’re not sure about… it’s recorded, mixed, and that part is done, the mastering phase is what we’re kind of working on right now, we’re looking to do some major adjustments. Once that’s done we’ll set some type of release date.”

AMN: “When did you guys first start playing music?”

Ian Harvey: ” I technically don’t play music I just scream and bounce around on stage. Michael (guitar) has been playing since he came out of the womb.”

Michael Delaney: “I’m a third generation musician, my grandfather toured as a jazz musician, my dad toured as a  drummer in rock bands, at the age of 16 I got my first drum set but I’ve been playing like trombone and stuff like that for forever.”

Michael Dolan: “I have been playing music for 15 years, started in middle school band and played drums at my church for a long time.”

AMN: “What’s your favorite band story?”

Ian Harvey: “I do not know how we convinced someone to let us do this… we got to open for The Dillinger Escape Plan as Emo’s East and so as a local band we got to play this giant, huge stage. This guy in the front row was the drummer of the band and he had been recording us the whole time.”

Michael Dolan: ” My favorite band story would have to be from my first hardcore band…”

Ian Harvey: “NO, in this band, say something nice about us…”

Michael Dolan: “Oh okay, well I like UGLYTWIN.”

*Everyone laughs*

Michael Delaney: “So there’s a part in our set where it kind of starts building up and we go into this like breakdown and it’s a super super simple just like one note like open kind of thing so we can go crazy and just throw our bodies around, and I threw my body, a very large body, into a tall skinny man, which was our bass player. We had done it before but I just caught him off guard and he just so happened to be about 2 feet from a brick wall, he slammed into that wall, broke part of his bass, and fell down into a fetal position.”

AMN: “Who inspires you the most?”

Ian Harvey: “Musically…?”

AMN: “Yeah, musically, not like Jesus …”


Ian Harvey: “I think anyone that goes out and makes something that has a realness to it and that you know it will never make it commercially but they keep doing it and they don’t compromise on that, that speaks a lot to me.”

Michael Delaney: “Yeah, I agree with that man.”

Michael Dolan: “Really really good drummers kind of push me to be better.”

AMN: “Name one awesome thing each of you can do that very few people know about.”

Ian Harvey: “Dolan is an incredible dancer, Dolan is an INCREDIBLE dancer. Get him at a wedding, it is the most entertaining thing you have ever seen.”

Michael Delaney: “Best thing in the world.”

Michael Dolan: “I can twerk it.”

Ian Harvey: “I draw a lot, I wanted to be a comic book artist for most of my life, and I really enjoy it.”

Michael Dolan: “Michael (guitar) is a really good cook.”

Michael Delaney: “Yeah, I like to cook!” “But when I was younger, I went to the opera with my parents and this guy mugged us and my parents unfortunately died but it kind of built this thing in me, so a lot of people don’t know this but I am Batman.” “Truthfully, I used to have a clothing line for a modeling agency.”

AMN: “What kind of clothes did you make?”

Michael Delaney: “Uhh… good ones.”

AMN: “Do you plan to break a TV at every show?”

Ian Harvey: “NO because they’re expensive and they’re messy”


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