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Seven Coins by The Everglows

The Everglows are an East London band that plays 60s mixed with soft rock and hard rock. The band is comprised of three people that love to make music and bring back the “good times”. This new and young band started in February 2013. Within the first year, they have done several open mic nights and one performance at the Ace Cafe in London.

“Seven Coins” is on the album The Ever Flow. It may start off a little slow, but as soon as the drum enters, you want to turn it up and get lost in the music and bang your head to the rest of the song. While listening to the song, you can hear that it is one of the soft rock songs by the band.

The rest of the album is good too. “Church Bell Sunday” is definitely a hard rock song, compared to “Seven Coins”. In every song, the 60s are making a come back which shows we never shy away from the classics.

These guys definitely know how to bring the “good times” back. Although the band is based in London, you can get into the great music and other songs through soundcloud. You can also check out the band on Twitter at @theeverglows.


One thought on “Seven Coins by The Everglows

  1. I’m not so sure about these guys. I have only heard this song, so perhaps I shouldn’t judge too quickly, but based on this song, in don’t think they’re going to make many waves. Just saying…


    Posted by Russel Braum | April 22, 2014, 12:29 pm

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