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The Rise of the Broken Announces New Single “Sam Grab My Winchester”

San Antonio, TX — The Rise of the Broken, an alternative rock group made up of Noah Coffelt and Kevin Rodriguez, are currently in the works of a new single “Sam Grab My Winchester”. No release date has been set yet but one can expect to be hearing more and more about this as the summer approaches.

Rise of the Broken has been pumping out great songs since its incarnation in 2008. Members have come and gone but the founder Kevin Rodriguez has been there from it’s humble beginnings in a small town in Germany, to its current headquarters, San Antonio, TX. Their most recent album was “Stop Chasing Ghosts” released in June 2013.

The band just played a concert for the Big Give SA in their hometown, helping raise nearly $2 million. (See their cameo appearance here) They have another big appearance at Jack’s Patio Bar today with The Icarus Account.

The Anchor Music team sat down with Kevin to talk about their current album, the new single in the works, and other fun facts:

AMN: “Do you currently have a full band?”

Kevin: “What I’ve been doing lately is using a lot of back tracks for keys and bass, so I don’t have to rely on other people. It’s hard to find people dedicated enough to be able to tour full-time and stuff. So it’s basically a live drummer, back tracks and me with a guitar and singing. There’s less mistakes, we play to a click track so it’s really tight. It will come down to me messing up or the drummer. We just started using back tracks this summer.”

AMN: “Do you still get a good crowd response when playing with back tracks?”

Kevin: “Yeah people ask us how we got it set up. They seem really impressed. It can be awkward, because it’s only the drummer and I so I have to keep the crowd entertained, whether I am tuning or whatever.”

AMN: “What’s your favorite place that you’ve lived so far?”

Kevin: “Germany for sure, it’s so fun. The music scene was unreal. Venues know how to promote the show so well. Artists promote some, but venues do such a great job that you always have a great show. Like my first show was basically sold out for 300 people opening for these bands from Australia and New York. I thought I was going to be nervous but I was really hyped. I had so much fun, I thought ‘this is what I want to be doing’. It was a rush to be out there having people be in to your music.”

AMN: “What do you think they do differently in Germany than they do in the U.S.?”

Kevin: “I feel like they invest more into the concerts. They have a street team from the venue to promote the shows on weekends. They do radio campaigns for the venue specifically and they do a lot of flyers and billboards for shows. Bands that are coming in, they’d have people getting interviewed on the radio to promote it. They didn’t rely so much on social media, they still did the traditional way. I feel that would work a lot better. People just think if you post a status on Facebook that people will come to your show, but that’s not a convincing thing to do anymore. You have to get in peoples face through traditional media outlets. That’s what they did so well and what are the big difference in show promotion here.”

AMN: “Where did you live in Germany?”

Kevin: “A little town, about 15 minutes from Munster. I would drive there to play shows. The first venue I played was Gleiss 22

AMN: “What are some of your influences?”

Kevin: “Lately, ‘Our Last Night’, I’ve followed that band for nine years but the music their coming up with lately is more alternative heavy rock and less screaming. I got to see them last night live with Chiodos, and I’m really digging their style. I used to listen to the Kooks a lot. The lead singer played with an acoustic a lot and I really liked their sound as a band. I modeled myself after them.”

AMN: “Any new music coming soon?”

Kevin: “I’m finishing a new single, it’s called “Sam Grab My Winchester.” I’m still finishing it up, I’m working with a friend who helped me with my last album. We’ve been working on that. We’ll release a music video for it. We’ve played it live a couple of times and people have really been into so I want to see what they’ll think of the recorded version.”

AMN: “Is that a play off the TV Show ‘Supernatural’?”

Kevin: “When I started writing that song, I had been watching all the seasons on Netflix. I am obsessed with that show, I watch it all the time. Basically, it’s about when Dean sells his soul to the Devil to get his brother back and how his time is running out and their trying to find a way to break the deal and he says he is always fine but he isn’t.”

AMN: “Have you finished the seasons?”

Kevin: “I have watched everything that’s on Netflix. I haven’t seen the latest season yet, I’m hoping it will be on Netflix soon. I hate waiting once a week, because I’m going to be wondering what’s going to happen. I like watching them back to back.”

AMN: “Tell me about the sound of “Sam Grab My Winchester”

Kevin: “It’s a little bit heavier, it’s in the same category as my current music. But it’s got some different tunings I’ve been experimenting with. I’m still finishing it up but it has more variety and it’s more heavy.”

AMN: “What’s your favorite story to tell from where you’ve lived?”

Kevin: “When I lived in Germany I got to go to the alps and snowboard with my best friends. To this day we’re still friends and we send each other care packages. It was a lot of fun but it was scary. I liked how much activity we’d get to do in Germany, I like being outdoors. I’d always be on my bicycle going somewhere.”

AMN: “What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?”

Kevin: “In 2012, we went to New York. We took the train instead of driving because the traffic is terrible. So we took the train from New Jersey and brought our acoustic guitars with us. One of my friends had a hotel for us in the Madison Square Garden area. So we get to the venue and they told us the venue had changed locations and it was on the other side of town. It was horrible, so we ended up pleading and convincing this taxi to give us a ride for $10 bucks (it should’ve been $40) which was really cool. So we get to the venue and we get there barely on-time to play our set. It was like this basement area in New York and it was a pretty cool venue and there was a lot of people there, and right after the set our friend bailed on us and canceled the hotel. So we had to walk five miles with our guitars and there was so many drunk people asking us to play music for them but we just wanted to get home. We ended up staying the night at the train station because the train wasn’t coming until about 4am. Then we had so many homeless people asking us for money and trying to get us to buy them alcohol. That was really stressful but it was so funny because our guitarist has this Irish accent and it was the only reason that I didn’t have like the shittiest day of my life. We had like no sleep that night, we took sleeping shifts. We had to cancel our next show in Brooklyn, it was bad.” 

See the Rise of the Broken in San Antonio tonight at Jack’s Patio and follow them on their social mediums – Twitter and Facebook.

Listen to the Rise of the Broken here

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