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The Anchor Fellowship Embracing the Call EP and Interview

Are you ready for honest, heartfelt worship music? The Anchor Fellowship has come out with an excellent EP that shows the beginning of The Glorious Unseen. This is their second recording on Come&Live!.

The first song is Burn in Me. This song starts with piano then builds with a multitude of instruments. You can hear the desperation and passion in Ben’s voice. This song is about desiring God to dwell in a more real and powerful way within our doubt. Where Your Glory Dwells has Ben’s voice accompanied by a female voice that compliment each other’s. This is a desperate cry to know God’s will and be restored. Your Promises Still Remain starts off with Ben’s voice and a guitar then you hear bells. There is a nice groove occurring between the bass, guitars, and drums. The subject is God’s promises are ever present and we don’t have live in our old ways. At The Feet of Jesus is an intimate song with a female vocal. God loves us who we are. Embracing the Call goes back to The Glorious Unseen formula of vocals, bass, guitars, and drums. This is a song that has various builds and crashes. There is a reference to Psalm 23. Trusting God through the twists and turns of life is the theme of this song. Water Stir showcases Ben’s and female vocals enhancing the song. The themes are having a child like faith and intimacy where the Holy Spirit thrives. The Message is a convicting message of how harmful our sin is and how our need to change. Tonight the Stars Speak is a slower song that builds shows a vulnerability and honesty like the other songs off this EP. The guitar stands out throughout this song. The theme is God being our strength when we have nothing.

The vocals are very strong on this EP. Ben’s vocals are flawless. They are very unique within the Christian music scene. His vocals along with the female vocals enhance each other’s.

The instrumentation is very solid. This is not a technical album, but it’s not supposed to be. They have brought a unique twist on how worship music is played. The instruments are blended well within this EP.

The lyrics are honest and real. They are a cry to God, when we don’t feel like it. They provide hope to the listener that God is good no matter what is going on. They cause you to slow down and think about life in a different perspective.

My favorite song of this EP is Burn in Me.

I would rate this EP 4.5 out of 5. This is an excellent EP for people desiring solitude and peace.

You can find this free EP here.

When did you start playing with The Anchor Fellowship?

Ben: “In 2003 I had been disconnected from church. My old youth pastor Josh Stump invited me to his Sunday night Bible study. I had never done worship. I grew up in the Church. Anchor Fellowship became a Church and I led worship on Sunday.”

How did The Anchor Fellowship impact The Glorious Unseen?

Ben: It was huge. The Glorious Unseen and The Anchor Fellowship were synonymous. The Glorious Unseen was me leading worship on Sunday. In the summer of 2008 they started touring full time. The Glorious Unseen was my worship project. There wouldn’t be a Glorious Unseen without The Anchor Music. There was a special vibe at The Anchor Fellowship. This was a new concept with a young crowd. We met at the Rocketown Coffee Bar. Kids wanted mellow, contemplative music. Josh was a unique speaker. This was a special time in my life and the beginning of ministry.

Rob: I can relate to that. I started listening to The Glorious Unseen when Tonight the Stars Speak came out. I enjoyed the honesty of the music. It was different from any worship music I listened to.

Ben: Right on

How did Embracing the Call EP start?

Embracing the Call was the first The Glorious Unseen album in 2005. EMI Publishing had part of the rights and wouldn’t allow him to distribute the record, digitally. We recorded in 2004 and finished in May 2005. Since I didn’t have a record deal the EP could be released digitally. Embracing the Call EP was a perk on the Lovesick Kickstarter. I printed 1000 physical copies and ended up with 2000 physical copies, altogether. It has been so long since the EP was released.

Rob: This EP shows the roots of The Glorious Unseen.

Are there any plans for new The Glorious Unseen music?

Not right now. I will release new music at some point. It may be under a different name. I am on staff at a church in upstate New York. This is not the same band from Nashville. The songs are honest thoughts and prayers. Each album has a different message. During the Hope that Lies in You I was going through a divorce.

Rob: Your music has had an impact on my life. What is your connection with IMatter Festival?

Ben: The church I work for put’s on IMatter Festival. In 2010 The Glorious Unseen played. In 201l IMatter was a disaster. They lost money. I came to the festival seeing bands. They approached him to book and promote the festival. In 2012 I booked the festival. In 2013 I booked a lot of bands. In 2014 they are going in a new direction. Sleeping Giant and We Came As Romans are playing. I am not as hands on. The [church] staff put’s it together. The event is free. The reason [for the festival is because] of suicide awareness.

Rob: Has To Write Love on Her Arms come?

Ben: In 2011 To Write Love on Her Arms came. They are not coming because of money.

Why is Track 7 Water Stir?

Ben: A friend of mine from Atlanta wrote that song. I didn’t record it on Tonight the Stars Speak.

Rob: While listening to the song it became familiar to me. I listened to this song on Lovesick. I watched the “Come and Live” documentary clip and noticed you talked about Make Me a Child.

Ben: While in Columbia I was in the middle of recording Lovesick. I was listening to Water Stir. I got wrecked by seeing the children.

Rob: Thank you for your time.

Ben: Keep in touch.

About anchormusicrob

Rob Clark is a 28 year old music journalist.He has a passion for music that started as a child. Both of his parents love for music was passed down to him. He is currently a Social Worker that constantly witnesses the power of music by playing an acoustic guitar to his clients. His goal is to awaken people to new music through writing and interviewing bands. His favorite bands are Kings Kaleidoscope, Sleeping Giant, Switchfoot, The Glorious Unseen, Silent Planet, and The Chariot.


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