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I Am Clay “Self-Titled EP” Review

Have you ever been hesitant to listen to an album then embraced it? This is what happened with me for I Am Clay’s “Self-Titled EP”. This is a twist on modern worship music.

The first single is Time in Secret. The introduction set’s the vocal, instrumental, and lyrical tone for the rest of the EP. This is a catchy song with bluegrass elements. Escaping all the distractions and having alone time with God is the theme. Where Can I Go is the first track of the record. It begins with an echoing vocal and guitar then builds into a catchy song that shows diversity of the album. The duel vocal patterns within this song and the EP bring richness to an often-dull musical scene. This song is about God never leaving us even in the midst of our sin. Strength in Shelter starts off slow and intimate then builds into raucous joy. This formula continues throughout the song. God is our ultimate refuge is reflected throughout this song. Choosing Joy is a catchy pop song that you would hear on Air1 or any Christian music station. There are background group vocals present. Being happy in the midst of life’s chaos and uncertainty is the theme. Song of Desperation provides a uniquely positive and catchy sound to serious lyrics. This song is a cry for God to bring restoration in our country and lives. The Battle Over Me provides a more intimate and slow song. There is an incredible solo in the middle. This song encompasses the struggle of life. Potter and Clay starts off quiet and intimate. By the end of the songs becomes this loud song. God constantly changing us is the theme. My Desire summarizes the last seven tracks in a profound way. This song shows diversity in song pattern, vocals, and instrumentation. The desire to be constantly in God’s presence summarizes this song and album.

The vocals are well done. The duo vocals are balanced and complimentary. The background and group singing add depth and richness.

The lyrics are similar to what has been heard throughout other Christian bands. The lyrics are serious and fun. Certain lyrics come off as not genuine and put in a formula.

The instruments are well placed. They are not complex. The addition of the mandolin and bluegrass sound provides a well needed twist to the album.

The song structure is the biggest flaw of the EP. This is the same throughout every song. This album needs two or three completely soft songs to provide a balance.

My favorite song is Time in Secret. This song is what peaked my interest in listening to the rest of the album because of its catchy sound, vocals, and lyrics.

I would rate this album 3.75 out of 5. This is a great start for a first release.

Download the album at Come&Live! for free.


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Rob Clark is a 28 year old music journalist.He has a passion for music that started as a child. Both of his parents love for music was passed down to him. He is currently a Social Worker that constantly witnesses the power of music by playing an acoustic guitar to his clients. His goal is to awaken people to new music through writing and interviewing bands. His favorite bands are Kings Kaleidoscope, Sleeping Giant, Switchfoot, The Glorious Unseen, Silent Planet, and The Chariot.


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