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AMNtv: Say Anything Concert Review


A couple weeks ago EqualVision Records invited me to attend the second tour date of Say Anythings “Hebrews” tour.

Max Bemis hand-picked his three opening bands; You Blew It!, The So So Glos and The Front Bottoms (A.K.A the Front Butts)

You Blew It! had a really impressive performance, they were really put together; not to mention, they were really nice and humble guys. You can check out our interview with them on AMNtv on June 28th.

The next band was the So So Glos, an anthemic punk band from New York. They had amazing energy that made me feel like I was an angsty teenager driving around in my beat up first car.

The last opening band was the Front Bottoms, they stood out from the crowd by using stage props; like those giant wavy arm blow up men… (I don’t know what they’re called) They were a great band to sing along to. All the fans that knew all the words were clearly having a blast.

The highlight of the show is when the Front Bottoms drummer threw his floor tom into the air and stood up. As he stood up he was replaced by the drummer from You Blew It! TFBs drummer then proceeded to pick up his hi-hat symbol and start beating his ride symbol. It was amazing, go check out the Front Bottoms; they were so good.

Then, Say Anything played. Max Bemis has been doing this for a long time and he never ceases to impress me with how much energy he has on stage, he is so much fun to watch. They opened the show with “Six Six Six” from the new “Hebrews” album. All the fans there seemed to be like me and had bought the album at midnight and had already played it enough times in their car to know all of the words. Although they only played three songs from the new album; “Six Six Six”, “Judas Decapitation” and “Hebrews.” Some other notable tracks were “Cemetry”, “Surgically Removing the Tracking Device” and “I Can Get Sexual Too.” (Classic)

For the encore, Max Bemis took the stage solo and played an acoustic version of his “Baby I Got Your Money” cover that he did for “Punk Goes Krunk” years ago. He finished the song by slamming the microphone on the ground. (Ouch! Expensive!)

Max had a few buddies take over on vocals for a couple songs; for example, Jake Turner who normally plays guitar and sings back up for Say Anything, and Brian Sella the lead singer of the Front Bottoms.

I was excited to see that Garren DuPree, the former bassist for Eisley, is now touring with Say Anything. He also recorded the bass tracks for “Hebrews.” However, I was disappointed that Sherri DuPree didn’t make an appearance even in the songs that she featured in. Although, Max Bemis’ daughter, Lucy Bemis, made an appearance and she was adorable as always.

Overall, the show was so punk and so awesome. It felt so intimate even though it was a HUGE crowd!

-Meredith Brooks


Get Say Anythings new “Hebrews” Album here:


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