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Take a Shot in the Dark and Listen to Gabe Rockwell


The day all parents, Bieber-haters, Gomez-haters, and Miley Cyrus-haters have all been waiting for; a young, passionate, and talented individual with a good taste in music, good role models, and a good head on his shoulders to start making music and spreading a positive message to our kids! Yes, ladies and gentleman that day and that individual has finally arrived by the name of Gabe Rockwell!

Not to bash on any of the aforementioned artists, they certainly have many musical talents, they work hard and have a very dedicated fan base that they care for very much. However, one can only roll eyes at the overwhelmingly large amount of drama that has come with these artists and the examples they have set. (whether it is biased, skewed, or exaggerated by media or not) The point we’re trying to make here is that a good portion of the music they make and ways that they act are all based on hateful relationships, or being in love, yata yata yata it’s all been done before. Gabe Rockwell is not only coming without the drama (yet at least) but his message is entirely different than that of the main stream artists that all of our kids love today.

His goal? “To uplift audiences around the world by sharing his music and his message.”

His message? listen to “Take a Shot in the Dark” and you’ll get it

Gabe Rockwell is EXACTLY what the world needs, and exactly the kind of influence ALL generations alive today needs. Positivity, the encouragement to pursue your dreams; his fan base is a community of people all there to encourage each other and be there for one another. This might be an exaggeration or too soon to say but one would have to believe that this is PERFECT!

To make a shift and describe to you the sound of Gabe Rockwell, yes, he does sound like his a kid vocally and as he grows up one could only imagine that his voice will sound that much more beautiful than it already is. Adding to that, he has got some real talent musically. Gabe grew up on Elton John and Billy Joel, so if you liked either of those artists you are reading the right article.

Anchor Music News caught up with Gabe to ask him some questions about his path, about his music, even about Justin Bieber. See the interview below:

AMN: “Some articles and reviews have named you the Anti-Bieber. What’s your take on that? Do you yourself as an “Anti-Bieber?””

Gabe Rockwell: “I’ve heard that a few times.  I guess people compare us to each other because of my age and Justin Bieber was young when he started in the business.  I think our music is really different.  I like to use real instruments and I stay away from electronic production.  I like to write my own music.  That is really important to me.”

AMN: “What’s your opinion of Justin Bieber?”

I think he is a talented guy.  He is just different from me as an artist.

AMN: “How long have you been doing music professionally?”

Gabe Rockwell: “I’ve been performing my original music for a couple of years now.  I’ve played at open mic nights, coffee houses, local festivals, just wherever I could.  I recorded my first EP this year and it was released in May.  Since then, I have been trying to increase my internet presence and it is going pretty well.  I’m not really sure how the word is spreading.  I think putting my music on Jango has been a big help. People can sign up as fans on that site and then you can communicate with them and let them know about your videos and new releases. ”

AMN: “What/who inspired you to start writing?”

Gabe Rockwell: “When I first started performing, I did a lot of covers.  I always really wanted my own music.  All of the artists that I admired were writers or at least part of a great writing team.  I think you can only really deliver a great performance if the music means something to you and what better way for that to happen than to write it yourself. ”

AMN: “What keeps you motivated to keep going as hard as you can in the music industry?”

Gabe Rockwell: “I like creating new music and my family is very supportive.  I know it’s a huge goal, but I want the world to hear my music.  I just keep focusing on that!”

AMN: “What kind of positive message would you give to someone trying to make it in the music industry?”

Gabe Rockwell: “Just keep trying and don’t give up.  That is really what my song, “Shot in the Dark” is all about.  I wrote it about my dream but I think anybody can relate to it.  Everybody has a dream and they are all important.”

AMN: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Gabe Rockwell: “I really hope to be a recording artist and a great performer.  I hope that I will be doing concerts and a lot of people will know my music.”

AMN: “Have you faced much discrimination for being a younger artist?”

Gabe Rockwell: “A little bit.  Sometimes it’s hard to find places to play my music because of my age.  Sometimes people don’t take me seriously if they haven’t heard my songs.  But it is definitely getting easier.  At first I didn’t even want people to know my age. I didn’t want people to say “those are great songs for someone your age”.  I just wanted people to think they were great songs. But I realize that my age is part of who I am so I guess it’s important for people to know that.”

AMN: “How did you land on music as a career professionally at such a young age?”

Gabe Rockwell: “It’s almost like I’ve always known I wanted to do this.  When I was younger, all I could really do were piano recitals and sometimes a talent show.  I knew I wanted to perform so I got into musical theater for a couple of years.  It was fun but I knew that I wanted to be a musician. I love music, it’s in my heart and really who I am.”

AMN: “What’s one of the weirdest things you’ve discovered about the music industry so far?”

Gabe Rockwell: “Recording was an eye opening experience.  I completely loved it but I never realized how much went into it.  You spend many hours in a studio to produce a three and a half minute song.”

AMN: “What instruments have you mastered?”

Gabe Rockwell: “I don’t know if I would say I have mastered anything.  There is always so much more that can be learned.  That is one thing I love about music.  I’m definitely best at piano.  I’m pretty good at harmonica and drums and I play around a little with guitar.”

AMN: “Where did you record shot in the dark?”

Gabe Rockwell: “Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  ”

AMN: “When will you have new music out?”

Gabe Rockwell: “I have a lot of new music that I have written and I hope to record again this Spring.”

AMN: “What’s coming up in the near future of Gabe Rockwell?”

Gabe Rockwell: “I have a new video coming out in about a month for “Flirting With Danger”.  I had a lot of fun filming it and I think it is going to be a really good video.  I hope that within the next year I will have at least five or six more songs recorded.  I would really like to have a label to work with by the time I record again. ”

AMN: “If you could hope to meet anybody in the music industry, who would you like to meet?”

Gabe Rockwell: “I have several.  Billy Joel, Bruno Mars, Elton John, and Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons).”

AMN: “What would be your dream collaboration?”

Gabe Rockwell: “Billy Joel, Bruno Mars and Me!  That would be a dream come true!”

AMN: “What is your dream?”

Gabe Rockwell: “To share my music with the world.”



About Jeremy Boyum

Jeremy Boyum is a 24 year old entrepreneur who fell in love with music at the age of 13. He fell in love with business in high school and has been passionately pursuing the idea of combining the two into one ever since. Always rooting for the underdog, he created Anchor Music News to provide a platform for artists (both major and independent) to broadcast media and news to new and attentive audiences. When he isn’t pitching about something, he is rocking out with his band, Shadow of whales, hanging out with his beautiful wife, or if time allows it, sleeping. Some of his favorite artists are Relient K, Sum 41, Blink-182, We Caught The Castle, Fans of Faye, Envoi, and Olivia the Band.

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