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Beard the Lion Premieres New Lyric Video “Harbinger” – Premiere


The men without fear released not just a new song but a brand new lyric video TODAY! Beard the Lion premiered their new single “Harbinger” along with an awesome lyric video on their YouTube channel.

Last time we talked to BTL, they had just lost their bass player Nate Hilpert when he left to work full time for Jake Luhr’s (lead singer of August Burns Red) HeartSupport, an organization dedicated to guiding those who struggle to cope with life’s downfalls to see their unending amounts of worth through blogs, community and music. Back then, Beard the Lion was also getting ready to rock the stage with War of Ages, Mouth of the South and Saving Grace; fast-forward to today. BTL has now on-boarded a new bass player, Come and Take It Productions intern Jose Escudero, and they have played with many more household names such as Alesana, Megosh, Kingdom of Giants, I The Breather, Alien Ant Farm, and in November they will share the stage with Gideon.

Before I move on, I want to speak shortly on Beard the Lions live performance. These guys are not just another bar band, they take their music and performance very seriously. They are coordinated, they go crazy on stage and they do a great job of inspiring even the stalest of crowds to be crazy with them. This is exactly why you see them playing with every major band coming through Austin, it’s because they are just too good not to be on the best shows. — Back to Harbinger.

Contact BTL on their Facebook to get tickets to see them with Gideon on November 3rd at the Dirty Dog Bar

With major shows under their belt, a brand new bass player and a whole lot of fierce, Beard the Lion releases their single “Harbinger” available on their Bandcamp and the lyric video below on their YouTube channel. To those who were already wowed by their single “Craters”, be prepared to realize that Beard the Lion was not even close to reaching the peak of their potential; Hearing “Harbinger,” I bet that is still a reality. This track is a huge leap for this band and that is saying something as Craters was already awesome!

Lead singer, Ethan Carthel said “we pretty much wrote this song about who we are in faith and what we believe will come to pass. As we all know, life is fleeting, we are all terminal and will die someday. But we believe life under the sun is not all there is; that death is not the end. Harbinger is about our faith and belief in God and the return of His Son, Jesus. Although ironic, a lot of the symbolism was inspired by a biblical story of a man that never died. The story of Elijah being taken up into the Heavens in a chariot of fire. The imagery was irresistible and helped us paint a such a cool picture of our Divine Creator. Another big influence came from some good old gospel soul. When I was writing this song I heard a rendition of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and knew right away I needed to incorporate something from that song in Harbinger. I feel like it was the icing on the cake. We’re thrilled with the outcome.”

The lyric video, created by Jason Lugo, features a bunch of cool thundering artwork done by BTL’s guitarist Ray Rodriguez and of course their new logo by Ethan. Speaking of their lead singer, his vocals on this song are right on point! The screams, the clean vocals, the back and forth with Ray in the chorus, GOOSEBUMPS! The lyrics to Harbinger are deep and hit you right in the feels. I love the use of “Swing Low”, you could almost consider it a cover or new rendition but they’ve just made their own so much that it has become something totally new and it pays great homage to the phrase — also, it’s awesome! The production quality in and of itself is also a huge jump from Craters. I’d like to give my compliments to Greg Hinck of Chop Harder Studios in Cedar Park, TX for making Beard the Lion sound like they’re supposed to sound. He did a great job of capturing who they are in this track and I look forward to more, I’m officially addicted. This song has a lot of surprises such as the use of emotional music box tings and silent screams during the bridge and outro, which is a perfect way to end this track.

These guys are making it happen, they’re on the fast train and there is no stopping them. If you’ve been lazy thinking, “I’ll get around to listening to them later,” later is now. Waste no more time, this is the song you need to jam in your car every day and during every work out. Churches, you also need to start picking up this song as your new go-to worship song. (yeah, that will happen) In all seriousness, take a look at the cool lyric video and purchase the song on Beard the Lion’s bandcamp if you want to experience the awesomeness that is a Beard the Lion live concert, go to their Facebook and ask them for a ticket to their show with Gideon on November 3rd.

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