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Good Times With Good Culture!


OKLAHOMA CITY – Good Culture is a band that screams ‘get up and have fun.’ With their self titled debut EP, with no song under 95 BPM, this band drives to compel people to dance. I got a chance to talk with multi-instrumentalist band liaison Kenny Moore. He shares what’s behind the name, the band’s dynamic, and what’s next for them.

How did you guys come up with the name “Good Culture”?

All of the guys except myself were in a more traditional rock band called Cordel, named after the town they were from. When they asked me to join this new, popper version we decided to re brand and try to find something that would describe the music we were making. Needless to say we landed on Good Culture, and haven’t looked back since.

If Good Culture were a living, breathing person what would he/she be like?

If Good Culture were a person, he’d be the life of the party. He would wear bright colored button ups with skinny jeans and hi-top sneakers. He’d have a gentleman’s haircut with some scruff and have some ray ban specks. He’s always the first to start the dancing up.

What’s the band’s go to album for inspiration?

We are a very eclectic group of guys but as a whole. I’d have to say Walk the Moon’s self titled record and maybe Hot Fuss by the Killers.

Who makes up the Good Culture band? What’s the leadership like?

Andrew Hise is our drummer and one of the main writers. He brings a lot to the table creatively. Caden McManaman plays bass. Jordan Jackson is the lead singer. He plays guitar and keys as well. I play guitar and keys and build our loops and programming. I sing the BGV’s as well. We do a lot of gang vocals so Andrew Caden and myself do a lot of wooing and yelling. As far as leadership, We really break down and divvy out roles. One guy heads up social networking and another handles venue contact and those sorts of things.. We just divide and conquer really. We all know our roles and go from there.

What’s it like collaborating with three other musicians?

It’s awesome. Good Culture is truly a band of brothers. We’ve all been roommates at one point or another and our friendships lived through that. Ha ha. A lot of the writing happens separately, then we bring the song to practice to arrange it. We do have times where one person is working on a song idea and he shows someone else, but, for the most part, a new song goes to practice to get arranged and then we do specific parts on our instruments. We are all multi instrumentalists so thats a lot of fun and creates some versatility.

What’s your role in GC?

Aside from what I play and sing, I’m the primary contact for shows. I get in contact with the venues and find out load ins, set times, turn in our stage plot and input lists… Things like that on show days. I drive a good majority of the time. I take the lead on making sure we are where we are supposed to be and at that spot early. I’m the old guy in the band, so those roles fell to me. Ive also engineered all the good culture recordings and we demo and record in my studio. I record and set up all of loops and tracks for the live show. I like to say I’m the sex appeal on stage, but thats debatable.

What would your advise be to musicians who want to start a band?

The main thing is get proficient of your instrument. Learn the theory and new techniques. Be flexible. Take shows that you think may be a bust. Its hard to play too much. You’ll gain some experience and you never know when who might be listening. And for Pete’s sake, be professional. With GC, on time is late. We are always early and have our stuff together. Be courteous and people remember that. Find ways to be remembered. There are a lot of good bands out there, so you gotta find ways to be remembered!

What’s next for Good Culture?

We are currently demoing new songs for our next EP. We are trying to decide if we want to find a producer or self produce this EP, like we did our last one. We are about to start releasing covers in various forms, one week Instagram, the next YouTube, stuff like that. So, hit us up on our social media with your requests. We’ve done some awesome charity events as of late and we have another one coming up soon. We are focusing our efforts on this new EP and SXSW. Please check us out on our Social Media sites and come dance with us at a show.

You can follow them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and buy their EP HERE.

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Marcellus Coleman is a California native who moved to Oklahoma in 2011 to attend Victory School of Leadership and began taking courses at Southwestern Christian University, majoring in Christian Leadership. Composing since 2005, Coleman has continued to pursue arranging, recording, and performing original compositions at university, churches, coffee shops, and other various events. Coleman hopes to one day be a creative lobbyist, bringing together all variations of musical talent, propelling new artists into the public's eye.


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