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Kings Kaleidoscope Becoming Who We Are Review


Kings Kaleidoscope releases their first album on Bad Christian Music and Tooth & Nail Records. This record comes off the successful Live in Color EP. This album shows growth of the band in every aspect. Get ready for a music experience like you have never experienced.

Glorious starts off the record with a bang. This is a joyful worship song that set’s the tone. It has a funk vibe and sound. Seek Your Kingdom is greatly improved since it’s previous release. They redid the song without losing its essence. There are different sounds that provide depth. I Know is the first single. This is a catchy song that immediately hooks you. It makes you want to dance and worship God. Bloom is an instrumental track of chaos. Your ears hear a litany of sounds. Felix Culpa has a cool hip-hop introduction then goes into the verse. You can hear vocals overlay throughout the song. Ache shows the DJ roots of Chad Gardner mixed with his new style. This is a unique track. All Creatures has a cool vibraphone sound that is throughout the song. It has a Five Iron Frenzy vibe with their own spin. I like the breakdown in the middle. Grace Alone is a cover from Dustin Kensrue. This is a stripped down and intimate song. Dreams is another hip-hop centric song. This song has unprecedented worth. 139 has a mellow sound then changes on a whim. This song is full of crashes and breakdowns. Redemption in Motion has a DJ sound with booming drums and soft guitars. This song touches your senses by its aesthetic qualities. Zion is the most ambient song on the record. It shows the diversity of Kings Kaleidoscope. The guitar work is well done. Shift is another instrumental track with drums and keyboards. Light After Darkness is an uplifting track that will pump you up. It makes you want to worship God freely. Fix My Eyes is very different from the original. The chorus and verses sound so different, yet come together well. This song has a more rock sound. How Deep is a beautiful cover of a popular worship song. The background guitar and horns stand out. The end becomes a raucous, joyful sound. Defender is the perfect ending to an excellent record. This is the song that wasn’t change much from its original version. It has a different ending.

The vocals are well done. Chad’s vocals mixed with the background vocals rock. The instrumentation continues to amaze me. They are a talented group of musicians with excellent arrangements. The hip hop elements add flavor and a background into different songs. The songs sound unique, yet are blended well. The lyrics are honest, convicting, and fun. The themes are centered on a person’s walk with God through doubt and faithfulness.

My favorite track is All Creatures. I love the introduction and their own spin on a classic worship song.

I would rate this a 4.3 out of 5. It is a solid record. Everything is blended well. I like the diversity of sounds and song structures.

You can pick up this record at Kings Kaleidoscopes StoreBest Buy, Amazon, and iTunes.

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Rob Clark is a 28 year old music journalist.He has a passion for music that started as a child. Both of his parents love for music was passed down to him. He is currently a Social Worker that constantly witnesses the power of music by playing an acoustic guitar to his clients. His goal is to awaken people to new music through writing and interviewing bands. His favorite bands are Kings Kaleidoscope, Sleeping Giant, Switchfoot, The Glorious Unseen, Silent Planet, and The Chariot.


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