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7 Reasons You Should Go See Emery with The Classic Crime in Austin Next Week

emery 2014

BadChristian band, Emery is coming to the Dirty Dog Bar in Austin next week (11/11/14) with The Classic Crime and Artifex Pereo. The band has done a good job sweetening the pot with VIP tickets. Aside from Emery, The Classic Crime is bringing a new album, Artifex Pereo is bringing exclusive merch “sponsored” by Kevin Durant, and Come and Take It Productions has selected some of the TOP talent in Austin to open this show. So, other than the obvious, why should you go to this show?

1) Emery’s VIP Tickets

In addition to early entry, meet & greet, and an exclusive tour poster, the VIP tickets most notable benefit is an acoustic performance. “People always beg us to “do an acoustic tour” or “bring emery acoustic to a living room show” and so we figured that maybe we could do that while we are already in town for a rock show and then we could meet the special fans that are responsible for us having such a long and awesome career” says Emery. According to their website, this acoustic performance will take place right before the official rock concert and will feature an entirely different set of songs with entirely different instruments! Wait, what? Two different Emery sets in one night?! Yes, for emphasis I will repeat: TWO DIFFERENT EMERY SETS IN ONE NIGHT!

Without anything else added, this is already THE concert to go to for any Emery fan, they could not have made this a better deal.

2) The Classic Crime’s Brand Spankin’ New Album!

The Classic Crime’s “What Was Done: Volume 1” hit the masses last Tuesday. One of the most impressive things about this band is how they have amassed such a large, dedicated following (dedicated like, $15,000 in 4.5 hours or $50,000 for a $15,000 kickstarter goal kind of dedicated) while remaining independent after leaving Tooth & Nail in 2011. Only recently have they partnered with BC Music. (a division of BadChristian)

The new TCC album features a bunch of original songs already recorded by the band but revisited/remade. It’s their 10 year anniversary album and is mostly a gift to the fans that have stuck it out with them through thick and thin over the years.

The Classic Crime, Emery and BC Music seem to be a really tight-knit, friendly group so it’s no surprise to see TCC on the tour. It also means that this show is that much more likely to be amazing because all of these guys are close friends, and when all of your close friends are in the same room to rock, good times roll.

Anchor Music News will be posting an exclulsive interview with TCC in the very near future, be on the look out for that!

 3) Artifex Pereo: “Time in Place” and Tooth & Nail

I’m starting to see the name Artifex Pereo more and more and it’s really exciting to see things happening for them. They’ve had a blow-out year, getting signed to Tooth & Nail Records and charting on two separate Billboard Charts with their May album release “Time in Place.” Since then, their debut studio album has received praise from the likes of Alternative Press, Indie Vision Music, and Substream Magazine.

These guys are definitely the sleeper band and they’re proving themselves worthy. They’ve been up & comers for a while and I think that’s going to change very soon. You are going to want to be at this show to say I saw Artifex Pereo before they blew up! Stand by for amazing things happening in this bands future.

4) The Openers: Radio City

If you were not swayed by the VIP tickets already, just the general admission tickets guarantee you access to what is set up to be Come and Take It’s best concert of the year!

Radio City has started to make their name very aware among the Austin community and beyond. They’re a band full of winners and they’re placement on to this show so early in their career is not at all surprising. The band released their single “A Minor Setback for a Major Comeback” a few months ago and it gives us a lot to look forward to. They’ve been in the studio ever since working with Andy Gomoll who was responsible for Four Year Strong’s Go Down in History” and had his hand in “VxV” by Wolves at the Gate.

“When we sat down to talk with Andy about doing an E.P., he was very excited to work with us.” explains lead singer, Chris Graham, “We all went in with the mentality that we knew we had a good sound but wanted to make sure we would be pushed in a way that not only showed off our catchiness but gave us a thick sound that we all enjoy. Andy was completely on the same page and is fantastic at what he does. We are all excited to show off what we are doing in the studio.”

Unfortunately, we won’t hear a new single or EP until early 2015 according to Chris but if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you’re thinking it’s worth the wait! Plus, good things will come to those who wait, Chris explains, “we are going to be playing some bigger shows and also planning a west coast tour possibly after our E.P. is released.” Big shows? Hint hint: a show with Emery and The Classic Crime on November 11th at The Dirty Dog. 

So, what does this mean? It means the quickest way to hear new music from Radio City is by going to this concert!

Something else to mention here is that they are huge fans of the headliners. “The Classic Crime is AMAZING!!!! I’m excited to be a fan and a musician all in one night. Opening up for Emery is honestly a dream come true for me. Some people already know this, but Emery was the first band I ever saw in concert. I can say without a doubt I would not be where I am pursuing my dreams if it wasn’t for that show. Pierce the Veil opened up, followed by Mayday Parade and Emery headlined. That was one of my most fondest memories in music and I can’t wait to share the stage with the band that started it all.”

5) The Openers:(cont.) Beard the Lion

We mentioned these guys a couple weeks ago, their Harbinger single/lyric video is absolutely amazing and a huge step up from their demo of Craters.

“Although ironic, a lot of the symbolism was inspired by a biblical story of a man that never died.” says Beard the Lion’s lead singer, Ethan Carthel. “The story of Elijah being taken up into the Heavens in a chariot of fire. The imagery was irresistible and helped us paint a such a cool picture of our Divine Creator. Another big influence came from some good old gospel soul. When I was writing this song I heard a rendition of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and knew right away I needed to incorporate something from that song in Harbinger. I feel like it was the icing on the cake. We’re thrilled with the outcome.”

The bands live performance is one that is unmatched in energy, coordination and awesomness; their new bass player has had plenty of time to get set in to be confident, and just yesterday these guys shared the stage with Gideon! By the time BTL hits the Dirty Dog stage with Emery they will be primed for one of their best shows yet!

Given that they also don’t have new music out, (aside from Harbinger) the same point for Radio City applies here; you can only hear their new music by being at this concert!

6) The Openers:(cont.) Nominee


Last but DEFINITELY not least, Nominee is making an appearance as an opener for this show. They just released their new “I Woke Up” EP a couple of weeks ago and shortly after that they shared the stage with Anberlin during their farewell tour!

“To put it simply, Anberlin has been a huge part of what Nominee is.” says frontman Christopher Mclelland. “Through Joe producing us and Anberlin influencing us, sharing the stage with them was an irreplaceable experience. To even be considered for an opportunity to appear on their final tour was extremely humbling.”

Not only this, but Nominee has already shared the stage with Emery. In fact, it was only earlier this year when Emery was down during the band’s “The Weak’s End” 10th Anniversary tour at the Parish which also featured the Classic Crime and This Wild Life. “Being able to play with Emery for a second time within a year is huge.” continues Chris. “Shows like this are amazing for bands like us. Truthfully, we’d all be there as fans regardless of whether we were on the bill. Being considered strong enough to open for the package is truly just icing on the cake.”

It is just FANTASTIC to see the momentum these guys are getting on their “I Woke Up” EP, if you haven’t listened to it yet you should because it’s really great! I, myself, have not seen these guys live yet, but I want to and this is the perfect opportunity for me to make that happen. I suggest you do the same!


7) The Dirty Dog Venue

We couldn’t make this list without including the Dirty Dog venue in Austin where this gem of a concert is being held. Come and Take It Productions frequents this venue and it’s no surprise why. The sound there is awesome, they have one of the best sound systems in Austin and definitely on 6th street in my opinion. The staff is pleasant and the bathrooms are… Well, it’s still an Austin venue/bar, so let’s not get carried away.

Some of the biggest names around rock this venue every time they’re in Austin. War of Ages (twice this year, I think), Mouth of the South (also twice), Saving Grace, Gideon, (just last week) Norma Jean and a ton more. In a few weeks, As Blood Runs Black and Silent Planet will also grace the venue to melt faces.

There’s a reason that all the best bands continue to play this venue.


Whether you get to go to this show or not, this is one of the best line-ups I’ve seen all year and all of these bands are worth at least a quick listen and Facebook-stalk if you can’t make it to the concert itself.

If you are planning on going but you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, you can get your tickets off of TicketFly but might I suggest reaching out to the local bands to support your local scene? Below is the link to TicketFly’s buy page as well as all of the local bands Facebook pages where you can message them directly for tickets that they can either meet you in person for, or they can ship to you.

TicketFly: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/704843/

Radio City: https://www.facebook.com/Radiocityofficialband

Beard the Lion: https://www.facebook.com/beardthelion

Nominee: https://www.facebook.com/nomineemusic

About Jeremy Boyum

Jeremy Boyum is a 24 year old entrepreneur who fell in love with music at the age of 13. He fell in love with business in high school and has been passionately pursuing the idea of combining the two into one ever since. Always rooting for the underdog, he created Anchor Music News to provide a platform for artists (both major and independent) to broadcast media and news to new and attentive audiences. When he isn’t pitching about something, he is rocking out with his band, Shadow of whales, hanging out with his beautiful wife, or if time allows it, sleeping. Some of his favorite artists are Relient K, Sum 41, Blink-182, We Caught The Castle, Fans of Faye, Envoi, and Olivia the Band.



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