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Darkness Divided – Looking Toward The Light


Based out of San Antonio, Darkness Divided are not your stereotypical metalcore band. They mix influences of past and present heavy metal with the roots of hardcore to bring a unique sound, all while remaining true to their spiritual values. Razor sharp riffs, a crushing rhythmic foundation and powerful vocals prove this band is a epic newcomer to the metal scene. I got the chance to catch up with lead vocalist, Gerard Mora and chat about music, tour, future plans and more!

AMN: What go you started in music? More specifically, what got you started in Metalcore?

Gerard: I started playing the guitar when I was in the eighth grade. I never got very good, and my little brother, Chris, (Who also is in the band) picked it up a few months after me and instantly was better. I pretty much left playing metal guitar after that, but I got into singing while we played together. At first it was nothing metal at all, but after getting introduced to bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, and As I Lay Dying I really started to like harder music.

AMN: Who influenced you as an artist? Growing up, is there a particular song or moment in music history that stuck out you?

Gerard: I think a lot of playing music had to do with the fact that I suck at sports and that my dad played guitar as well. He always encouraged me to try everything and to pursue what I love. When I started playing guitar, it was an escape for me. I loved how it felt to play music and how it got my mind off everything else in the world. I’d come home from school and play all night.

AMN: You have two brothers in the band with you. Would you say music runs in your family? What’s it like being in a band with your brothers?

Gerard: Music definitely does run in the family. Everyone except my mom plays an instrument, but my mom likes to sing in the car! It’s great to have family in your band. We understand each other, we love each other, and since my brothers and I are really close in age, we always have fun together. Sure things can get heated, but we work through things like we have everyday of our lives.

AMN: You guys have signed to Victory Records this past year. Tell us more about that. What’s it like knowing all your hard work has paid off?

Gerard: Victory is great to us. I remember being woken up one day to my brother yelling, “Gerard! Check the email!” and then seeing that they had emailed us, interested in the band. It was awesome. Ever since we signed with them, they are always doing stuff for us. They want us to succeed just as much as we do, which is definitely something you want in a label. There’s still a lot of hard work in front of us! When you get signed to a label, the work only grows. People assume it gets easier, but now it becomes your life. You have to make sure tours are getting lined up, make sure your album is selling, get on the road as much as possible, think of new ways to market your band to a larger audience, and of course, write your best music. There’s a lot that goes into being a full time band.

AMN: Since signing to Victory, you guys have done quite a bit of touring! Do you have a favorite tour or band you’ve gone out with?

Gerard: We have been blessed to have toured with a lot of great bands. Honestly everyone who we have toured with so far have been great. We’ve all gotten along, hung out, and occasionally we run into them again on the road and its like a little family reunion.

AMN: Can you tell us a crazy tour or show story?

Gerard: Well I guess the craziest thing to happen to us on tour would be when we lost both our tires going up a Virginia mountain at 2 am. We were grinding on our axle and luckily God was watching over us and helped me pull onto the shoulder and not die.

AMN: Yeah, I think I remember reading about that on Facebook. That must have be terrifying. Do you have a highlight of your career so far?

Gerard: We still have the bulk of our career in front of us, but some of the highlights so far have been getting signed to Victory, playing in Montreal, playing festivals (Sonshine, Creation, Cornerstone, Audiofeed and Lifest), and headlining the last White Rabbit show.

AMN: What’s the future looking like for Darkness Divided?

Gerard: Tour, tour, tour, tour and tour. Also we are talking about getting in the studio this year to do an album, but it’s just talks right now.

Darkness Divided’s debut album “Written In Blood” out now on Victory Records. You can check out there music video for “The Hands That Bled” below.

About Jacob Andrew

Jacob Andrew has had a passion for music from a very young age. Noticing a natural talent in keeping a rhythm, Jacob Andrew's mom enrolled him in drum lessons at age six! As soon as he stepped into that music shop for his first lesson, his passion for music spread like wild fire. A few years after taking drum lessons, Jacob Andrew saved up enough to buy a guitar and started teaching himself to play. Fast forward to now Jacob Andrew can play over 10 different instruments, and is an aspiring singer/song writer!


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