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VICTIMS: Big Sounds from RMRS


The newly released VICTIMS by San Antonio pop/rock group RMRS (pronounced Rumors) is large and ready to fill your room with ambient melodies and a legitimate passion that is something special. The band dropped this sophomore EP late last February. It’s a work that hits hard and is appropriately punctuated by somber movements that almost tangibly fill the space in the room. If Bono and Jared Leto (U2 and 30 Seconds to Mars) sat down and started writing music, it might sound something like this.

Listening to the five tracks that make up VICTIMS, it became apparent to me that these guys stand out in their own right. Contrary to many of their alternative/pop/rock companions, RMRS does not overuse the “wall of sound” technique; every instrument finds its place and has its own frequency and line. A personal favorite of mine was the first track, Waves. The syncopated bass drum patterns matched with a mobile bass line set a perfect foundation for the driving guitars and tastefully added keyboards. It’s a bit of a head banger toward the end as well. These are characteristics that permeate the entire EP and while they do tie all the songs together (a bit of constructive criticism here), they also do begin to blur a bit and take away slightly from each track’s uniqueness.

This would all be moot point however without vocals that match the music. Lead Vocalist and keyboardist Michael Christopher possesses a raw emotion and passion that certainly catches the listener’s attention. Additionally, his harmonies may be the highlight of many of the group’s songs (The a Capella breakdown on All in Time is one such instance).

Overall, this is a strong follow-up to the band’s previously released “Don’t Say What it Means to You”. That combined with the band’s success on last year’s Vans Warped Tour signals that there are more big and bright things to come for RMRS.

About Kyle Kramer

Kyle Kramer is a 22 year old Austin native who has been playing and writing music since age 6. Not simply content with just one instrument, he plays guitar, drums, pianos, and whatever else he can get his hands on. When he isn't studying at Texas State University, Kyle is hanging with his band or leveling up in Call of Duty. Favorite Bands: Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Switchfoot, We Came as Romans, A Day to Remember, Guster, Rise Against, Angels and Airwaves.


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