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Come and Rest: “Blacklist” Review


Alright kids, time to put on your moshing shoes on and get ready for the newest EP from Come and Rest, out of Atlanta, GA. This collection of songs is called “Blacklist” and it is a strong addition to your metal-core playlist. C.A.R has been together since 2011 and is made up of Daniel Goehring, Josh Harmon, Noel Alejandro, and Mitchell Garrett. “Blacklist” is their second release, following their 2013 debut, “Royal Blood”. “Blacklist” has been in the works since October of 2014 and it is clear that there has been a large amount of work put into the writing and production.

Millennials kicks things into high gear right off the bat with a huge guitar riff. The lyrics are haunting and completely capture the frustration of being stuck in a rut; the deep desire to move on, but feeling uncontrollably grounded in the present. It’s refreshing too that the band incorporates screams AND cleans. I’m still a purist in that I have trouble finding value in a song without melody. That’s why August Burns Red, while excellent in their own right, has always been missing something for me.

The incorporation of string synth on Feeding Crows made for a much wider and ambient sound. While certainly faithful to their core sound, I liked that C.A.R. tried out different approaches with each track. Again, the lyrics hold true to a theme of being unhappy in the current state: “I’m not who I used to be, how can you watch me fall.”

Slowburn was my favorite offering on “Blacklist”. The use of the bass hits gave this song a power that stood out among the other songs; the ability of Come and Rest to make proper use of musical space is a skill that can easily be lost on other contributors to their genre. And don’t get me wrong, the breakdowns are so beautifully dirty, especially in this song. Perhaps my favorite moment on the album is the movement just after the huge breakdown mid-song that incorporates halo-theme-like choir vocals. Chills man, just adrenaline laced chills, especially with the cans on the ears.

Here’s the deal with this band. “Blacklist” is a powerful work. The use of melody and screams in conjunction with each other is very well done. Instrumentally, I think listeners will love what they hear; there’s a great blend of catchy riffs, massive breakdowns, and open melodic interludes. There is so much passion behind the lyrics and their delivery as well, I commend vocalist Noel Alejandro for that. I would love to see Alejandro expand his vocal screaming range in the future to some more diverse highs and lows. On this album, he is very comfortable in a smaller range.

“Blacklist” drops on May 12th of this year and you can pre-order the album already through the band’s Facebook store and on iTunes. Come and Rest will begin a tour to support the EP beginning on May 16th in Marietta, GA. Check out the video for “Slowburn” and let us know what you think!

About Kyle Kramer

Kyle Kramer is a 22 year old Austin native who has been playing and writing music since age 6. Not simply content with just one instrument, he plays guitar, drums, pianos, and whatever else he can get his hands on. When he isn't studying at Texas State University, Kyle is hanging with his band or leveling up in Call of Duty. Favorite Bands: Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Switchfoot, We Came as Romans, A Day to Remember, Guster, Rise Against, Angels and Airwaves.


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