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Warped Tour Essentials, Pt 2: The Final Four

We are officially within a month to the first date of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour, and we’re all right on the verge of the overwhelming smell of sunscreen and banshee level screaming declarations of love for various band members… only kidding. We are, however, approaching that time of year where rock and roll talent from all over the United States (and sometimes beyond – looking at you, As It Is!) comes together for a full tour of music domination and unforgettable times. In celebration and pure excitement of this, I am offering to you the closest thing to a Warped Tour survival guide: a list of bands making rounds this year that you simply cannot miss. These next few bands are the final four in a list of ten, and you can find part one of the list here.


Since I work by the honor system, I’ll be completely honest with you here on the fact that I’ve been blasting their hit single “Coming of Age” on repeat for the past few days since first hearing it. If you were at SXSW in Austin this past year, you may have had the luck of seeing their talent for musical blending up close and personal, and that’s the main reason I have labeled them as a must see for this year’s Warped Tour. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with their seemingly hardcore exterior in tune perfectly with fun, rock alternative vibes, and surprise in itself is a gift in music.


In the past year, Knuckle Puck has gained the best version of notoriety possible. These Chicago natives will be fresh off a tour headlined by Man Overboard when they set out on the summer round you can’t miss them on. These guys know what they’re doing with just enough of a grungy air to satisfy your inner teen angst, and it may be so that this will be the first of many Warped years for them. Till then, you can check out their stuff on their Facebook page, where their bio reads simply, “We like music, so we play music.” Please, continue to do just that.

3) Silverstein

You’d wonder whether, after three rendezvous on Warped Tour, whether the hype would die down for Silverstein. Well, think again! The Canada natives just released their newest album yesterday, “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch”, the milestone between their 10th anniversary tour last winter and coming in hot for their fourth turn this year. As a personal long time fan and someone that still rocks “Darling Harbour” on the way to work, I have to say their spot on Warped Tour this year is well deserved and will be justified to the utmost extent the second they step onstage.

4) Set It Off

If you attended the Glamour Kills sponsored Spring Break tour this year, you’ll remember the Tampa born boys from Set It Off. So far, these guys have released two studio albums, and both have made the Billboard Top 200 chart. A pretty substantial accomplishment for a band that’s relativity recently been elevated, but they’re musicians after all. And like all good musicians, once you hear what they can do, you’re more often than not convinced that they’re underrated. Watch the music video, you’ll understand.

Well, in the fine words of a certain cartoon we know, that’s all, folks! Don’t forget, though on this list are ten outstanding artists, the entirety of Vans Warped Tour is always filled to the brim with talent and passion, both new and old. If you’re heading out this year, show some love to everyone you come across, and share the good vibes with music admirers everywhere!

About Adra Johnson

Adra Johnson is an avid 20 year old music enthusiast, active in promotions for Fearless Records and loves to travel. You can find her on Twitter at @adrajohnson , or at almost any local concert. Favorite artists include: Mayday Parade, The Maine, The 1975, A$AP Rocky, State Champs, PVRIS, G-Eazy, and I Prevail.


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