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Snarky Puppy On The Big Screens And More…


Snarky Puppy is holding exclusive theatrical screenings for their upcoming release of Family Dinner Volume 2 in select theaters in the states and abroad. This is the conceptual sequel to Grammy award winning Volume 1 (which featured hit collaboration with Lalah Hathaway on the groundbreaking retake on “Something”.) This time around special guests feature Laura Mvula, David Crosby, Chris Turner, Knower (check out my quick chat with them HERE), Becca Stevens and many more.

During my conversation with Bill Laurance about his record Swift (you can read it HERE), he shared with me his experiences on the recording of Volume 2.

AMN: What do you feel was your favorite FAMILY DINNER VOLUME 2 moment and why?

BL: It’s pretty tough to narrow it down. The artists were so different. I believe it was different the last time, but we really tried to explore a wider spectrum of genre with this album. I mean, it’s hard to not give David Crosby a mention. He’s such a kind of toure de force of good vibes. He was amazing because he was a fan before he was anything else. He was the only singer that came to every rehearsal of every singer. He was there for everything with his wife, they’d been married around thirty five years and they were absolutely beautiful together. They just sat in a corner with headphones, happy as anything. We were quite humble with the way he was with us and it was quite amazing, because we were obviously such huge fans of his. When we came to perform with him, it was this beautiful exchange of mutual respect. It wasn’t us backing him up, he seemed very humble himself to have us backing him up. It was amazing. His way of communicating is so deep and he’s been doing it successfully for so long. He’s a master at telling stories. Just watching him perform one song taught me more than what I could have ever learned a year at university.

AMN: Do you guys feel pressured to create or have another ‘Lalah Hathaway’ moment in this recording?

BL: I don’t think so actually, I think it’s that age old thing “in the music we trust” I suppose. We’ll never recreate another Lalah Hathaway moment but we’ll create something completely different. It will have its own character and beauty. There’s a lot of talk about this record getting another Grammy. We’re not quite sure in what category because there’s so many. There were some really stellar performances. I have to say as well that Laura Mvula is another highlight. I think “Sing To The Moon” is such a deep song and the arrangement that Michael League made was stunning. We were doing three moogs. So it was me, Cory Henry and Justin Staton playing monophonic moog synths. We were all playing moving chords and it had a lunar quality to it. The band really came together and lifted the song. I remember there was one night where we played it and I felt like I was levitating out of the ceiling. It was a good time.

Screenings start on January 13th in Chicago. Each theatre date will feature different members of the collective including videographer Andy Laviolette at select theaters. Check out their official website for dates, times and ticket prices.

Check out the trailer below:

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