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Wildways release debut album Into The Wild: AMN Reviews

All over the world, bands are evolving in music creation. The widespread encouragement regarding the birth of these sounds are causing our generation’s class legacy to be unlike anything that has come before. One of the most promising prospects this year comes out of Moscow, Russia – native band Wildways, who’s debut album shared producer … Continue reading

The Ember Days “Valitus” Review

Have you ever listened to an album with honest and real lyrics that displayed your life? The Ember Days “Valitus” has done this for me and will do the same for you. This album shows God is constantly in the midst of us, especially through our struggles and despair. “Take Me” is the first single … Continue reading

Variants – Sweet, not Bitter

New Orleans-based melodic rock band, Variants, is one you don’t wanna miss. Building a sound with elements of melodic hardcore, pop-punk, and rock, the group makes it look easy. About a month ago they release Commonwealth, a follow up EP to their debut album, The Concept of Color. Commonwealth is filled with catchy guitar riffs, … Continue reading

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