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The Era of I Prevail: Interview

If you’ve ever gone to a smaller concert, you’ll know what I mean when I mention The Hunger – and yes, the capitalization is necessary. It’s not any specific action, but an air of unbridled lust for the very essence of live music, it’s the joy despite any hardships in the industry of just playing … Continue reading

Seanzy Debut EP Review: “Doubt”

With “Doubt” being Austin-based artist Seanzy’s first EP release, you’d think you know what to expect. First EP’s are something musicians typically fondly look back on as an artifact of their groundĀ levelĀ on the elevator to success, a time of reckless desire but not much knowledge. This, however, is a bit of a different story. If … Continue reading

Local Artist Spotlight: 7 Questions with Seanzy

You may know Austin, Texas to be commonly referred to as the “Live Music Capitol of the World.” That being said, it’s home for all sorts of musicians. On any given night you can walk down a street downtown full of pubs packed with something out of a music lover’s dream -from acoustic sets, solo … Continue reading

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